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For more than 13 years of our work the company has received grateful feedbacks and recommendations from various business representatives: large international companies, Internet retailers, private entrepreneurs and etc.

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Entrepreneurship, Media

CNC "Center for Women's Entrepreneurship Support "ProVimen Bai"

We approached IGStudio with two tasks at once: updating the existing website and creating our own platform for online courses.

By that time, the look and functionality of the site was already considerably outdated. We had a good understanding of how the audience uses the website, we had a new branding ready, so we came to the company with a clear idea of what we wanted to see on the new site. An important condition was also to make the site easy to use for the team, as the site is constantly updated and updated with new content.

All our wishes have been fulfilled. Thanks to Ivan and his team for their professionalism, patience, responsiveness and involvement in our work. We constantly stayed in touch, and Ivan always helped, explained and advised us how to do it better. Special thanks for the video instructions, we use them for training because the entire team had to learn how to use the website from scratch.

The new website has complemented our branding well, improved our search engine positions, increased our traffic and the time we spend on our site. Ivan managed to make the site in such a way that one wants to return to it.

We continue our work and now we would gladly recommend IGStudio to our acquaintances.

Julia Malkova


Travel agency

JLLC Merlintour

The Belarusian-French full-service agency “Merlintour” was founded in 1995, and we had a working website a long time ago. The firm that made it closed long ago.

More than 10 years had passed and because of outdated CMS of the site we had to apply to freelancers for all revisions. We were tired of lack of work and empty promises. We decided to create a new site with an open, modern and popular CMS.

We have addressed to Ivan, before that we talked to three other web design companies. When we first met him, we set a task and agreed upon the terms of development. At the first meeting, was shown a model of the site.

The site was completed on time, taking into account all our wishes, and now we have what we wanted. We are pleased with the speed of execution of the task, professionalism of Ivan and the quality of the website.

We continue to cooperate on the promotion of the site in search engines.

Svetlana Nagornaya


Design, architecture

Nota Bene Project Ltd.

NOTA BENE project would like to thank Ivan Gavrilov’s web studio (IGStudio).

Collaborated with the web-studio to create a website for our project NB-School – a platform for training and professional development of designers, interior architects. As part of the cooperation, we created an online training presentation platform NB-School for communication with trainees.

We came to IGStudio by recommendation. We are satisfied with our choice and professionalism of the developer. We would like to note their attentive and responsible approach to development, solution of tasks in view and realization of decisions taken.

We can recommend specialists of web studio “Ivan Gavrilov” as professionals in their field.

Maxim Maksimenko


Production, Distribution

PUE Ladotex


PUE “LADOTEX” expresses gratitude to the professionals of the web-studio of Ivan Gavrilov for the work done to create the site for the Belarusian manufacturer of women’s clothing “Lado”. All the set tasks were performed on time and with high quality. Web-site of the company “lado.by” was developed in strict accordance with the terms of reference.

We have chosen IGStudio Web Studio as a developer of the site and we are satisfied with our cooperation.

We liked very much the careful attention to all details and wishes. During the site development we have been consulted on all the questions that interested us. We are planning further cooperation with “IGStudio”.

We wish to everybody in web-studio professional development and interesting creative work!

Angelica Kudina



Comfortable Climate LLC

Feedback about cooperation

Comfortable Climate Ltd. is an official distributor of Zehnder products, the leading German manufacturer of heating, ventilation and climate systems. Office and production are located in Germany, as well as in other areas of Europe. It is very important for the company’s products to be represented as widely as possible also in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

We started our cooperation with the company “IGStudio” in 2017. At that time, our company had the site comfosystems.by, which no longer met our requirements in terms of design, functionality, or SEO promotion efficiency. We needed a new modern and convenient website with a showcase of our products with detailed descriptions, catalogs and all the necessary technical documentation.

Information about our products should be easy for our potential customers to find on the Internet. Therefore, a lightweight, visually informative website design was developed. Also the possibility of choosing equipment with the help of special calculators was realized.

The main task is for our new web-site to show the clients all the unique Zehnder product features and demonstrate how the interior and the office will look and function after installation of the products.

We thank the team of web-studio of Ivan Gavrilov for their professionalism and responsible approach to solve all the problems, which appeared along the way.

We continue to cooperate on multiple fronts.

Sergey Gonchar



Ristretto LLC

IGStudio, IE Ivan Gavrilov, carried out works on creation of a new look of the corporate web-site of the company “9BAR” with addition of a store.

These works were executed in accordance with the Client’s request, specifications and terms of contract, with good quality and on time. In the course of the works all the wishes of the Customer were taken into account as much as possible.

While performing the work, Ivan Gavrilov proved to be a qualified developer, effectively solving the tasks. We were pleased to know that Ivan was always ready to discuss any questions we had, even after all the work had been done. It is always a pleasure to deal with professionals!

After the creation of the site we continue further cooperation on its promotion.

Maxim Yashin



Mident Ltd.


We contacted IGStudio in 2017 on the recommendation of our hosting company. We have been cooperating for more than 3 years now.

All works are performed with high quality and in the agreed timeframe. Repeatedly turned and continue to turn to us to solve various problems: whether it’s refining the functionality of the site, adding new or adjusting existing pages, SEO promotion, etc.

Our customers find information about us on the Internet, so we attach great importance to the materials posted on our site. We are constantly developing it, and IGStudio helps us greatly in that.

We would like to express special gratitude to the studio’s staff for their high professionalism in their work, which tackles all the tasks in a responsible manner. It concerns both technical and administrative issues and consulting services.

We continue to cooperate on a permanent basis.

Sergey Kuten



Sentient World Innovation LLC

Sentient World Innovation LLC is a group of engineers, programmers, and entrepreneurs focused on solving problems in the retail business segment through innovative developments and professional services.

Sentient World Innovation LLC (SWI) began with the idea that effective and competitive business development today is associated with the effective use of technological solutions at the intersection of traditional fields. The company develops new technological solutions, bringing them to life and training people to take advantage of the opportunities.
To maintain the image of the company and provide access to complete and accurate information about our solutions and products, it was decided to develop a corporate website that meets current trends, flexible in its management and easy to use.

In order to fulfill this task it was decided to contract IGStudio, a company experienced in web-development, to develop the site.

This letter is to thank Sentient World Innovation Ltd. for the work done to develop and launch the corporate website. During the entire period of cooperation, the IGStudio team that was supervising the project, professionally and promptly resolved current issues and suggested solutions for non-standard situations.

Sentient World Innovation LLC recommends IGStudio as a reliable partner for complex tasks in web development.

Victoria Sushanova


Design, architecture

"Association of interior and object-spatial environment designers"


“Association of interior and object environment designers” represented by the Chairman of the Board Antipova T.A. expresses its gratitude to the web studio of Ivan Gavrilov (IGStudio).

Cooperation with web-studio started with website development for organization “Association of interior and object environment designers” which united legal entities with commercial activity. The main difference from the existing Belarusian Union of Designers is that the members of the new association are individuals.

We have chosen IGStudio on recommendations from our partners and we are satisfied with our choice. The developer was attentive and responsible in solving appearing questions and in realization of new tasks that appeared during development.

We recommend specialists of web-studio Ivan Gavrilov as professionals in their field.

Tatiana Antipova

Chairman of the Board of the Association of Designers of Belarus

Medicine, Distribution

Aimek Group LLC

Letter of Recommendation

We thank “IGStudio” (IE Gavrilov I.V.) for development and search promotion of medical website-catalogue aimecgroup.by, the official representative of “Luminera” in the Republic of Belarus.

The work was done on time and various design versions of the site were suggested. Our requests and wishes were taken into consideration in the process of cooperation.

Professionalism and efficiency are the main criteria, which make cooperation with “IGStudio” web studio a pleasure!

Sergey Nenakhov



Happy Group LLC

Letter of Recommendation

Cooperation with IGStudio (IP Gavrilov I.V.) led us to fine-tune the website of our company. All our wishes were taken into consideration and met on time, sometimes well in advance.

Interesting ideas and optimal solutions were suggested, which were later implemented on the site. Technical support was accompanied by a clear and detailed consultation. It was easy and smooth for us to work together.

Special thanks for the video tutorials on working directly with our site.

We wish you creative inspiration and a lot of interesting Internet projects in the future.

Sergey Berezienko

Deputy General Director

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