The Mident Clinic is a unique complex for Belarus, with ultramodern equipment that allows to solve even the most extraordinary clinical problems with maximum comfort for the patients.

Open Project

Develop an effective website that allows potential customers to easily and in detail explore the services available at the stomatology clinic, compare prices, read testimonials, and make an appointment

  • Strategy

    Practicality, Informative

  • Design

    European, Ajax content

  • Client

    Mident Ltd.


description of services

The site presents a catalog of dental services, logically divided into categories and subcategories, the pages contain not only photos and descriptions, but also examples of work performed, cost, forms for contact. All pages contain their unique descriptions and photos for each service.


All the most

For the site as much as possible have been developed all of the necessary section design for the presentation of a variety of useful information. The site has many landing pages, detailed descriptions of services, as well as sections of videos, articles and much more.

Mobile UI/UX

Great view
on any device

The site has an adaptive layout and adapts to any modern device. All the elements are in view, and the content is presented in a measured way. The mobile version of the site is as convenient to use as the main, desktop version.


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