Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the website (the “website”).

By using the site and (or) leaving their personal data on the site, the User expresses their consent to the use of data on the terms set out in this Privacy Policy.

The relations connected with collection, storage, distribution and protection of information provided by the User are regulated by this Policy and the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

In case of disagreement of the User with the terms of this Policy, the use of the website shall be immediately terminated.

1. Terminology

1.1 Administration of the site – the official representatives of the site owner, who have the rights to manage the site and (or) the processing of personal data.

1.2 User – a person who has access to the site via the Internet and uses the information provided on the site for personal or business purposes.

1.3 Personal data – personal data of the User, which the User provides on their own or in the process of using the functionality of the site.

1.4 Processing of personal data – any actions performed with personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, updating, use, transfer, deletion of personal data.

1.5 Confidentiality of personal data – mandatory requirement to prevent the dissemination of personal data, except in cases prescribed by law.

1.6. “Cookies” – is a small piece of data sent by a web-server and stored on a user’s computer, which a web-client or a web-browser sends to a web-server in HTTP-request every time it tries to open a page of a corresponding site.

1.7. “IP address” is the unique network address of a node on an IP-based computer network.

2. Collection, processing of personal data and user rights

2.1 The website Administration collects and stores only the personal data that is necessary for the identification of the User, the provision of services and interaction with the User.

In cases where the User communicates through the form of sending messages on the site, the User gives consent:

– to the processing of his personal data, including collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, processing, clarification (update, change), comparison, use, depersonalization, blocking, destruction, as well as any other actions with personal data, taking into account the current legislation;

– to receive information from the administration of the site via electronic, fax, SMS, Viber, WhatsApp and other means of communication;

– conducting statistical and other studies.

The user gives consent to the use of personal data also for the purposes of:

– identification of the User;

– to provide and offer services;

– improving the quality of services and quality of the site, the ease of use, development of new features and functionality;

– providing the services of the site;

– establishing feedback with the User, including sending notifications regarding the use of the site, services, processing messages from the User;

– confirming the accuracy and completeness of the personal information provided by the User;

– provision of effective customer and technical support to the User in case of problems related to the use of the site.

Personal information collected through the site may be combined with information that the User provides by other means (orally, in writing, by fax, etc.).

2.2 The Administration of this site collects and processes the following personal data:

– surname, first name and patronymic;

– e-mail address;

– contact phone numbers;

– any other information related to the User’s identity and voluntarily provided.

2.3 The User has the right to know (request) what their personal information is stored by the Administration of the site.

2.4 Administration is not responsible for false information provided by the User.

2.6 The User agrees that if he/she has authorized the provision of his/her personal information to third parties, the administration of the site can’t control the use of the disclosed personal data of the User by third parties. Translated with (free version)

3. Processing and protection of personal data and other information

3.1 The Administration of the site undertakes to use personal data in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

3.2 In respect of personal data and other data of the User their confidentiality is preserved, except for cases:

– when the said data is publicly available;
– voluntary submission of information about themselves by the User for public access to an unlimited number of people;
– use of data with the consent of the User;
– The need for the User to use a particular service of the site or to provide a service to the User;
– the need to provide such information in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus or other applicable legislation and (or) on the basis of the request of the authorized state body.

3.3 Personal information is stored on “IGStudio” servers.

3.4. “IGStudio” performs proper protection of personal and other data in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and takes necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect personal data of the User.

4. Updating the privacy policy

4.1 “IGStudio” has the right to change the Privacy Policy (in whole or in part) unilaterally at any time without prior agreement with the User.

4.2 A new version of the Policy comes into force from the moment of its posting, unless otherwise stipulated by the new version of the Policy.

4.3 The User undertakes to regularly independently follow the changes in the Privacy Policy by reading the current edition.

5. Final clause

5.1 The law of the Republic of Belarus shall apply to this Policy and the relations between the User and “IGStudio” arising in connection with the application of the Privacy Policy.