“ProWomen By” is a nonprofit organization that helps young women turn ideas into workable businesses. “ProWomen By” provides events and educational programs that help you get the knowledge you need to grow your business and career.

  • Strategy

    Promoting the idea

  • Design

    UI/UX design, Ajax technologies

  • Client

    ProVimen Buy CNC


Develop UI/UX design and integrate it into the new website

Develop a new UI/UX design and transfer all existing materials from old website to the new. Optimize the loading speed and performance of the web service, perform effective SEO configuration of the site structure and pages, integrate ajax technologies

Before After


New website A new effective website

As a result of this work the site has received a modern and thoughtful UI/UX design, intuitive menu, optimized, based on the recommendations of search engines pages structure, ajax-search and ajax-database experts, authors.


Variety of information presentation

During the development process, special attention was paid to the options for presenting entries (articles, author pages, expert cards, events, etc.). The site itself is made in the same style of all the elements. The main idea of the site – quick work and high quality presentation of information.

Mobile UI/UX

Great view
on any device

The site has an adaptive layout and adapts to any modern device. All the elements are in view, and the content is presented in a measured way. The mobile version of the site is as convenient to use as the main, desktop version.


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