The trademark “LADO” was registered in 2003 in Minsk. The company designs and manufactures clothing for women. The clothing differs from competitive counterparts by interesting design, practicality and quality of materials. “LADO” is not just a trademark – it is a brand of women’s clothing.

Open Project

To develop a stylish fashion website-catalogue of products of the brand "LADO". The site should emphasize the style of the products and have a design oriented to potential buyers. On the pages of models there should be an opportunity to enlarge clothing by pointing the cursor at it.

  • Strategy

    Design & Practicality

  • Design

    UX/UI Design, Ajax technologies

  • Client

    UP "Ladotex"

UX/UI Design

Design that emphasizes
company brand style

The site design was developed directly by the clothing designer “LADO”. Our studio added unique “chips” to the layout of the site. The main page of the site is universal: it introduces the brand and at the same time is a part of the catalog: you can view the latest models of any clothing of interest without going to the catalog.

Mobile UI/UX

Great view
on any device

The site has an adaptive layout and adapts to any modern device. All the elements are in good view, & the content is presented in a measured way. The mobile version of the site is as convenient to use as the main, desktop version.


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